About the MBL
The Montreal Basketball League is a community based volunteer organization that creates positive opportunities for youth to develop personal skills within a flexible basketball environment. The MBL is respected throughout the province of Quebec and is recognized by the Quebec basketball Federation (QBF).

The MBL was conceived in 1905 to provide a realistic basketball program for young basketball players. The organization is made up of a network of individual basketball organizations from the city of Montreal, its adjoining cities and municipalities.



Novice Champs 2021-22  -  Page

Mini AAA Champs 2021-22  - Page 

Bantam AAA Champs 2021-22  - PX Knights

Cadet AAA Champs 2021-22  -  PX Knights

Juvenile AAA Champs 2021-22  -  Lasalle Leaders

Mini AA Champs 2021-22  -  CBO Cavaliers

Bantam AA Champs 2021-22  -  Cote St-Luc Warriors

Cadet AA Champs 2021-22  - Cote St-Luc Warriors

Juvenile AA Champs 2021-22  - Lasalle Leaders



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